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Distinguishing Recruitment from Talent Management: Why the Latter is Necessary in Today’s Life Sciences Industry

Distinguishing recruitment from talent management is an important aspect of the work we do as life sciences executive search consultants […]

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Female Biotech Executive Leadership Brings C-Suite and Science to Life at Kojin Therapeutics

In an industry still grappling with diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I), the female biotech executive leadership at Kojin Therapeutics – […]

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Biopharma Industry Optimism Is High, Survey Reveals: Insights for Executive Search Consultants

A KPMG survey reveals biopharma industry optimism looking ahead, after a chaotic 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Biotech and […]

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How Regenerative Medicine Advancements are Changing The Biopharma Industry: Executive Search Insights

Regenerative medicine advancements are changing the biopharma industry rapidly, and the ability to deliver regenerative medicine easily and efficiently to […]

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