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Using Life Sciences Executive Search Consultants Provides Impactful Diversity in the C-suite

This article will discuss how using the best life sciences executive search consultants provides impactful diversity in the C-suite, and […]

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Fundamental Considerations for Biopharma Startups Building Leadership Teams: A Two-Part Series

There are fundamental considerations for biopharma startups building leadership teams, that as life sciences executive search consultants, we at G&E […]

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How a Talent Management Approach Benefits Companies Seeking Agility in Biotech Executive Leaders

Agility in biotech executive leaders is a necessary and sought after quality. Although the term is used frequently as a […]

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Life Sciences Talent Management Needs in a Post-Pandemic Industry

Life sciences talent management needs in a post-pandemic industry have changed. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed many aspects of the biopharmaceutical […]

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The Transition from Academia to Biotech Executive Leadership: Insights for Life Sciences Talent Managers

In the transition from academia to biotech, professor Lara Niklason’s story from teaching full-time at Duke University to becoming the […]

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Succession planning to drive a better gender balance

Succession planning is crucial to the future success of a business, however, it has been discussed recently that failure to […]

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