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Evolution in the Microbiome Space: Progress, Challenges, and Technological Advances

There is much evolution in the microbiome space happening. Recently an academic research center and a biotech company have partnered […]

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Neuroscience is Bouncing Back with the Promise held in RNAi – How Executive Search Fits in the Picture

Neuroscience biotech company Ovid Therapeutics is bouncing back with the promise held in RNAi, and the help of Robert Langer, […]

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Gene Therapy Has Broad Application in Biopharma

Sky’s the limit for biopharmaceutical companies working in the space of gene therapy. Just ask Robert Habib, CEO of MiNA […]

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Soaring Funding Requires a Talent Management Approach for Biotech Startups

If there was any worry that 2020 would have stalled funding for the biotech market because of the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

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3 leadership qualities that businesses in BioTech are looking for

Businesses in BioTech have a greater responsibility than most to maintain an in-depth knowledge of industry developments, as well as […]

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